Collection: Brown-Grey Stoneware Ceramics

Handmade organic ceramics from Devon and Cornwall

GREY COINCIDENCE: A Japanese Wabi-Sabi Inspired, One-Of-A-Kind Pottery Collection

Brown-Grey Stoneware Ceramics by Sabine Schmidt

A series of wheel-thrown and hand-built sculptured ceramic pots, artistic objects, and homewares, including bowls, vases and kurinukis, that celebrate the beauty of individualism and imperfection.

Earth-Enthused Ceramics 

A collection of exclusive one-off handcrafted pottery ceramics decorated in dark, earthy shades of grey, brown, and black. The colours are achieved with studio-created slipware using natural clays that enhance the rustic finish of my work. 

Unique Ceramics Inspired by Japanese Philosophy

For this unique collection, I draw inspiration from the traditional aspects of Japanese aesthetics, especially the wabi-sabi philosophy, centred on the spiritual affinity drawn from an acceptance of transience, impermanence, and imperfection. The resulting pieces are the balance of these principles and my rustic, innocent approach to pottery, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that are a delight for the senses.