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Brown-Grey Dipping Bowl Set From Stoneware Clay

Brown-Grey Dipping Bowl Set From Stoneware Clay

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A Brown and Grey Dipping Bowl Set in the Style of Wabi-Sabi Art

A pair of wabi-sabi-inspired dipping bowls, part of my GREY COINCIDENCE studio pottery collection. 

Small Decorative Dipping Bowl Sets

This beautifully unique dipping bowl set is created in limited batch runs from my Devonshire pottery studio. Each little dipping bowl is handmade using stoneware clay produced in Cornwall.

Their surface is painted with natural slipware, a clay slurry made from a variety of natural clays, to enhance the natural form and flow of each small bowl. 

Every piece in Grey Coincidence is a one-of-a-kind item that can never, by the very nature of handcrafting, be repeated. Please note that your dipping bowl set may not be pictured. However, I carefully choose the pairs of bowls to ensure they work together in effortless unison.

Handmade Unique Ceramics for the Modern Home

Stunning rounded small bowls formed on a potters’ wheel. With a light matte finish over the passionate paint marks created in response to the tactile experience of the raw clay bowl.

The dip bowls have a simple and modern shape that comes alive with the marks of making and the colours of nature, inviting a transcendental experience for such a delicate pair of bowls.

Japanese-Influenced Stoneware Dish

Part of a collection that reflects wabi-sabi principles, embracing the imperfection and impermanence that is found within nature. The rustic bowls embrace the rawness not only of the clay itself but the nature of making too. At each stage, as I add a little more of my creativity, the ceramic bowls develop organically and innocently to embody the relationship between the clay, the glaze and the maker.

A richly visual and tactile ceramic collection, every extra small decorative bowl invites you to experience them with sight and touch, their rawness adding to their beautiful individualism.

Product Features

  • Stoneware
  • Rough texture
  • Food safe
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in the United Kingdom

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 4 cm
Width: 9.5 cm

Please note: Each dipping bowl set is 100% handmade, and appearances will vary in keeping with the ethos of the Sabine Schmidt Pottery Studio.

Custom Orders

Need more items than currently in stock online? Please get in touch with me via the CONTACT FORM to discuss your custom order.

Please note that the processing time for custom orders is approximately three weeks.


Delivery to mainland UK is free and takes 2-3 days. 
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Customer Reviews

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Erin Johnston
So pleased! My bowls are beautiful ! The r...

So pleased! My bowls are beautiful ! The rustic colours, the shape and the finish are perfect. Can't wait to use them .

Kate Huel
A lovely set of little bowls. I love the s...

A lovely set of little bowls. I love the shape (particularly its depth) as well as its subtle colouring and texture. Seller was courteous and prompt. It was packaged safely. I highly recommend.

Rhianna Jenkins
The most beautiful little bowls! Sabine wa...

The most beautiful little bowls! Sabine was so kind as to make me a custom order for x3 extra small bowls in her 'Grey Coincidence' range and they are absolutely perfect and shipped so quickly too! Would highly recommend, thank you so much <3