About Me

Devon Potter Sabine SchmidtMy name is Sabine Schmidt, a lifelong creative who has worked in graphic design, illustration and television, and is now working as a German potter in Devon, UK.

When making pots in the studio, I am always looking at balancing versatility and functionality with aesthetically pleasing designs.

I craft three signature pottery lines grounded in a conscious choice of colour and form: 
    Apart from these main collections, I create unique CLAY ART OBJECTS, which are one-offs or small limited series. These objects are experimental in form and decoration, heavily relying on intuition, playfulness and chance.

    I welcome the unexpected nature of clay when creating pottery. Clay has memory; clay has force. By abandoning expectation, my work retains an innocence only found in handcrafted goods. These imperfections, whether marks from my own hands or an unanticipated asymmetry, are as integral to the collections as the base notes from which I start.

    While you may see repeated forms across the collections, the differing colourways, and the acceptance of flaws as beautiful, mean that my work is familiar but evocative; slight differences are intriguing, and these subtleties begin in the making.

    The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi inspires much of my work, especially my Grey Coincidence and Clay Art lines, whose one-of-a-kind pieces explore transience, imperfection, and impermanence through a total commitment to raw artistry.

    The connection I feel to clay is similar to that I have to cooking. I am always working in response to the clay itself, nurturing it and engaging as a lover of art as much as awaiting the final piece. My serving and tableware’s organic, raw forms are made to enhance this connection, bringing life to food. After all, both food and clay emanate from the same source. The root of making, whether kneading dough or clay, elicits the same joy, excitement, and impatience for the final product.

    I intend these emotions to be reflected in the work I create; a narrative shared between myself as an artist and the tactile materials that inspire me.


    Pottery Studio Tiverton Devon