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Learn how to throw pots on the potter’s wheel in my Devon studio!

One-To-One Pottery Lessons in Devon

If you're looking for a unique and inspiring creative experience, throwing pots on the potter's wheel could be the perfect activity. In my Devon workshop, I provide one-on-one pottery lessons for adults (and teenagers over 16) of all levels of experience. Each lesson lasts 90 minutes and takes place in my small Devon studio in Tiverton, near Exeter.

Learning to throw pots is a long and intensive process – that's why I prefer arranging long-term, regular pottery classes for adults. It's a great way for beginners to learn, as they can ask questions and get feedback as they go along. But occasional one-offs are fine, too.

Please note that I am only able to offer one-on-one sessions at this time. Due to limited space, I regret that I am unable to accommodate more than one person at a time.

Or are you more interested in hand-building?

No problem. If throwing pots on the wheel doesn't pique your interest, I also offer hand-building pottery lessons in Devon. This technique involves shaping clay by hand and can be a more relaxed and intuitive way to create unique pottery pieces. Hand-building lessons are also one-on-one and take 90 minutes.

No matter which technique you choose, my goal is to help you discover the joy of working with clay and unleash your creativity.


Pottery Lessons in Tiverton, Devon

My pottery philosophy is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic known as wabi-sabi. It's a concept that celebrates beauty found in imperfection and transience, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and accepting the impermanence of life. The idea of 'wabi-sabi' is to be present in each moment and find beauty in the imperfections of life. It's a philosophy that I apply to my pottery classes and my work as an artist.

When you book my lessons, you can expect to learn the basic techniques of throwing on a pottery wheel and how to glaze and fire your creations.

I'm passionate about connecting with the tactile materials that inspire me, so I hope this experience can also be a journey of exploration and discovery for you!

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Here are some pictures of happy students of mine working with me in my Devon pottery studio.

Female pottery student presenting a large fruit bowl in Sabine's pottery studio in Tiverton, Devon.

Male pottery student sitting in front of a potter's wheel throwing a bowl in Sabine's Devon Studio.
Pottery Classes for Adults in Devon by Sabine Schmidt

Interested? Embark on a journey with clay with me, and book your first pottery session today!