Collection: Yellow-Green Stoneware Ceramics

Green Stoneware Ceramics from Devon

MERRY MUSTARD: A Colourful Pottery Collection 

Yellow-Green Stoneware Ceramics by Sabine Schmidt

A bright and joyful ceramic collection, hand-thrown and glazed in my Devonshire pottery studio.

Simply Rustic Tableware and Homeware

A collection of tableware and ceramic household accessories for creative souls and warm hearths.

Merry Mustard is the ideal choice for a confident, joyful home. Designed for those who love and appreciate traditional handmade pottery but have an affinity for contemporary design.

A happy, modern yellow-green balances with the organic, simple forms of my work. While the glaze itself is glossy, the character of the clay stays present in each piece, from flecks through to the bare, glaze-free bases. In between, the clay and glaze meet with a thin orange line, a reaction that mirrors the balance of rustic and modern in the collection.

Distinctive Stoneware Dinner Set

Speckled with the nature of clay and a celebration of wheel-thrown ceramics, each item in the Merry Mustard range of tableware is totally unique. The varying textures tell a story, the colours brought to life in modern, conscious homes.

Every item brings its own identity, so no set will be the same, but every piece of this stunning yellow-green handmade stoneware will always work harmoniously together.