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Sabine Schmidt Pottery

Modern Ceramic Teapots in Yellow/Green

Modern Ceramic Teapots in Yellow/Green

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Modern Ceramic Teapots in a Joyful Yellow Green

Hand-thrown and hand-glazed modern ceramic teapots in a cheerful yellow-green. Part of the MERRY MUSTARD tableware collection.

The handmade ceramic teapots are excellent for teas of all kinds including black tea, green tea, fruit teas, white tea, and herbal infusions. Treat yourself to a colourful teapot that may elevate your break-time routine to a whole new tea experience.

Light Green Teapots with a Sand-Coloured, Earthy Base

The powerful green body of the rustic teapot creates an exciting contrast with the quiet, sand-coloured shades of the base. A tiny line of rusty orange shows where the cheerful yellow-green finish terminates. Each shape is organic because the glaze is trusted to interact with the teapot’s form, offering a unique story for each piece.

Even though, the teapot is aesthetically beautiful on its own, thanks to a blend of rustic, handcrafted charm and on-trend mustard-coloured glaze, the raw beauty and tangibility of it can only be enhanced when matched with other Merry Mustard items. Create your own tea set by adding my MUGS or DESIGNER TEACUPS to your selection!

Original Handmade Teapots From A Devonshire Pottery Studio

I create small-batch ceramic collections using locally produced Cornish stoneware clay.

Each rustic stoneware teapot is with minor differences and unpredictability, just like every other piece I make. It's incredibly special to know that those who order a pot from me will get an original piece from my Merry Mustard collection, picked and chosen just for them.

These minor variations in my teapots are how I communicate with you my relationship with clay. Using stoneware clay from nearby Cornwall strengthens my connection to the material, allowing me to work naturally and sensitively with it. When I turn to the wheel, I am free to appreciate the purity of clay as it forms and is formed into something new, which results in the artisanal originality for which the studio is recognized.

Product Features

  • Stoneware
  • Food safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Handmade in the United Kingdom

Dimensions (approx./without handle)

Height: 10 cm
Width: 12 cm
c. 900 ml

Please note: All ceramic teapost are 100% handmade, and appearances may vary in keeping with the ethos of the Sabine Schmidt Pottery Studio.

Custom Orders

Need more items than currently in stock? Please get in touch with me using the CONTACT FORM to discuss a custom order.

Please note that the processing time for custom orders is approximately three weeks.


Delivery to mainland UK is free and takes 2-3 days.  

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Customer Reviews

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Gayle A Ihringer
Beautiful teapot.

I haven't made tea in it yet, but I can't wait. I want to have tea outside under my gazebo by the koi pond with friends. The yellow green color will be so pretty in the red appointed Japan style garden! I love the modern simple style. Great color.