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Rustic Studio Pottery: Three Ceramic Designs

Pottery mirrors the qualities I look for in life: creativity, connectedness, simplicity, centredness, solitude and joy. Pottery is my teacher. It is a playground where I learn whether or not I'm authentic. The pot works or it doesn’t. I practise patience. I have to — even in my impatience. I explore and experiment.

I cannot lie to clay. Almost every day, I turn up to the potter's wheel, in the best of all cases, centred. With ceramic work, there are so many stages where things can go wrong: throwing, drying, firing, glazing. I cannot hurry these processes. Working with clay requires a willingness to feel all human emotions: joy, frustration, grief, impatience and excitement.

I can only show up. This call to make pots is the gift that enables me to turn up at the wheel, again and again. Once I finish a pot, it leaves a strong desire to continue. I do not know where it comes from, there is always more.

I hope my love and excitement for the work I do is reflected in my three main pottery lines:
  • MERRY MUSTARD: A rather smooth, bright and joyful tableware in a modern yellow/green – somewhat glossy
  • WHITE IMPATIENCE: A rustic, earthy crockery with a white/blue coastal design – matt
  • GREY COINCIDENCE: A sculptural selection of pots in darker shades, each with a unique (i.e. rough) texture and artistic appearance for everyday use and decoration.

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